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Why would anybody want to join Contract Employee Corporation? Well, it doesn't matter if you're an employee of a "Normal Company", a consulting company, a temp agency, or even if you have your own business, you'll be better off working with us. Why?

Two reasons: more money in your pocket, and, the best benefits money can buy (but only the ones you need).

Don't believe it?

If you want to know how business really works, click on one of the menu items at the top for a little Basic Business Accounting 101...then come back here and read the rest. Otherwise, read on.

Some other things to consider...

When you work for a "normal" company, there are other people that control your destiny. It used to be that was okay. You could look forward to "cradle to grave" employment, and even if the job was boring and the people you worked for were unreasonable, there was a good chance you'd survive long enough to get your gold watch and then live on your company's retirement program the rest of your life.

All you had to do was toe the company line and be a good little soldier and things would be okay. If your company was publicly traded, you might even have some stock and as long as you didn't have to be concerned with anything more than the stock price, you really didn't care if the company made money or not. You had a job.

Maybe. Maybe you'd wind up working for a boss that just didn't like you and you'd find yourself looking for other work. Maybe you'd get laid off. But you'd just go find another "normal" company job, and start again. No need to worry about the finances of the company...they...the guys in the executive suites, would take care of all that.

Well, today is a different story. NAFTA, outsourcing, downsizing, reorganizing, concentrating on core business, off shore staffing, recessions, tax-cuts-for-the rich, trickle down economics, Enron, WorldCom...all that stuff...leaves you out. If you're still employed, you're looking over your shoulder. If you don't watch your back, you'll be out pounding the streets, looking for work. If you find it, they may be honest and tell you its "temporary", but maybe they don't. They...the guys in the executive suites, know that labor cost and benefit costs and retirement costs are something that only applies to them. The rest of us get used and cast aside when times get tough. They'll still get their cut.

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a way to control your own future and still keep more of what you make?

Even if you do work for a "normal" company, maybe you can beat them to the punch. Before they lay you off again, maybe you can convince them that as a CEC employee, they don't need to worry about your benefits. We'll do that together. The truth of the matter is that when a "normal" company adds up all the cost of having a W-2 employee, CEC people are probably cheaper...and, you get to control where the money they pay you goes.

On the other hand, if you have seen the light...and you realize there's no such thing as a "real job" anymore, maybe you have struck out on your own. You're your own company. You get your own work and you take care of yourself. Great. So...working 8 hours a day...looking for your next project 8 hours a day...and then handling all the paperwork, taxes, insurance the other 8 hours a day...doesn't leave much time for family or friends. Maybe CEC can help with that.

What about if you're working just to help the family make ends meet. Your "significant other" has a "normal" company job (for now) and some benefits, and you just use your money to fill in the gaps. With CEC, you can make that money go farther.

The bottom with us. Let's explore together how Contract Employee Corporation can put more dollars in your pocket at the end of the give you the benefits you need.

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