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Contract Employee Corporation redefines the employee/employer relationship. In our company, individuals aren't "human resources"...they're people. And we've given them back their dignity and given them control over their own destiny. At the same time, we've given companies...big and small...the benefits associated with using well trained, qualified, and caring workers on an as needed, temporary basis, without incurring the risks associated with using 1099 employees.

Individuals who join the Contract Employee Corporation have greater control over their compensation, benefit package, and working hours than traditional employees. This applies to people who are already employed at a client company, sole proprietors, independent contractors, or even "brokered" temporary employees.

For our client companies, Contract Employee Corporation covers all liability for IRS, Labor Department, and State compliance issues associated with temporary or "fee for service" workers. And, because we operate as an Open Book Management company, everyone understands where the money comes from and where it goes. Our low overhead, visible accounting practices, and reasonable fees means more money for the individual and lower cost for our client.

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